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Acquisition and Investment Services

From flats and family homes to mixed use developments and commercial investments across London, we can help you identify and acquire the appropriate property. We have an excellent network of selling agents, plus close relationships with property auctioneers. We also have long-standing relationships with lenders who can assist with your purchase.

Our service is comprehensive and goes further than simply sourcing property. We understand our clients’ investment requirements and objectives, identify suitable opportunities - be they on the open market or off-market - and manage the entire process ensuring a smooth transaction. Utilising our trusted network of solicitors, surveyors, valuers and lenders, buyers can be assured of a comprehensive and rigorous due diligence process which will identify any potential issues.

Our wide and well-established network of property lenders allows us to introduce cheaper finance solutions for our clients than would otherwise be available to them. We negotiate borrowing terms on behalf of our clients and we offer a loan administration service for complete peace of mind.

Most property investments are carried out via Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) and we assist our clients in setting up the appropriate SPV for their purchase. For more complex structures we work closely with trusted accountancy firms to give our clients the correct advice, allowing them to set up the most efficient vehicle. We go as far as registering the companies for VAT (if necessary), submitting quarterly VAT returns and offer book-keeping services for each SPV/company we manage.

Every property we manage is in a “ready-for-sale” state which gives our clients the confidence that any potential buyer can carry out their due diligence swiftly and smoothly. As such, when a decision is made to dispose of a property there are no surprises, delays or gaps in information. Similar to our acquisition service, we manage the entire process, from instructing the appropriate selling agents, ensuring the appropriate marketing collateral is compiled, liaising with solicitors and setting up comprehensive “data rooms".

To find out more about our property acquisition and investment services, please contact us.
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