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Block management

If there’s one area of property management that proves the worth of choosing a property partner with the widest range of services and expertise, it’s block management. From everyday issues through to advanced legal and financial matters, much of what we do is about catering for the needs of a wide range of stakeholders. Our task is to unpick any existing problems, identify potential new ones, and ensure everything is managed to everyone’s satisfaction.

From shared areas to communal interests, we ensure the needs of all stakeholders are met. We also have the knowhow, experience and dedication to handle the complex financial, legal and administrative issues involved.

Our service includes preparing service charge budgets and organising insurance, as well as collecting ground rents and service charges. If there are any legislative or other changes that affect the building, we ensure that all stakeholders are informed and we ensure any necessary works and improvements are implemented.

On a day-to-day basis, our block management includes looking after regular tasks such as cleaning, gardening, and maintenance. The exact scope will depend on the lease – even though a lease pertains to a block, the leases of individual tenants can have varying stipulations. One of our key tasks is therefore to ensure that everything is properly covered. We always make sure that we are aware of all terms within every lease.

Other tasks include looking after health & safety, fire safety and other requirements. As well as ensuring compliance, we make sure that all necessary records are up to date. We also keep abreast of changes to local or national regulations.

To ensure everything is as it should be, we carry out regular inspections. If required, we enforce lease terms. For example, we check that no unauthorised changes to properties have been made, and that any subletting provisions in the lease have been adhered to. If major works are required, we follow the statutory consultation process with individual leaseholders. Once we have the go-ahead, we organise and supervise the appropriate surveyors and contractors.

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