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Commercial lease advisory service

The value of a commercial property investment is underpinned by the quality of the leases under which the tenants occupy the building. Whether agreeing a new lease, surrendering or regearing an existing one or negotiating a rent review, the outcome has a substantial impact on the underlying property value. We provide expert advice to our clients to ensure that value is protected and enhanced.

From rent review mechanisms to service charge provisions, commercial leases contain a number of complicated clauses which require careful consideration. Without the correct advice there are a number of pitfalls that a landlord can stumble into, and whilst it is a solicitor’s job to draft a lease, an expert Landlord & Tenant surveyor’s input is essential.

When considering a new lease, restructuring of a lease, or a renewal we start by providing a comprehensive report which takes into account your objectives, the status of the property, and the wider commercial property market. We will provide you with a range of different options for action, detailing the advantages and financial implications of each.

As well as lease renewals, lease restructuring and reversionary leases, we can negotiate lease surrenders. It is common for a landlord to want vacant possession of a building, and negotiating a clean surrender is crucial. This also applies in scenarios where a tenant wishes to break from their lease and, assuming it makes commercial sense to do so, the landlord is prepared to accept a surrender.

With rent reviews, we provide a full assessment and written report, informed by local market knowledge, as well as conducting negotiations on your behalf. We’ll guide you through all the procedures, and also advise on dispute resolution.

In each case, you’ll receive transparent analysis of the potential benefits and costs involved. We’ll also provide input into the drafting of the end agreement to ensure that there are no issues and that all parties are happy.

Find out more about how our commercial lease advisory service can help you add value or make savings, get in touch now.

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