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Commercial property management

The day-to-day management of commercial property is not only a time-consuming and demanding task, but also a potential source of liability for landlords if not carried out professionally. Without diligent care and attention, small issues can become critical problems which naturally affect the value of any asset.

Our management service removes the hassle of rent collection and stress of statutory compliance so our clients can focus on what matters to them. We recognise that tenants in buildings are our clients’ customers and we maintain close working relationships with all tenants in our managed portfolio. This, along with our industry-leading software, enables us to collect rent and service charges seamlessly and report on a monthly basis to landlords, their lenders, accountants and other associated professionals.

Alongside rent collection and financial reporting, we manage and administer service charges ensuring that the needs of the building and its tenants are met whilst taking proactive steps to keep the costs of doing so at a minimum. We handle all tenant queries, and ensure tenants pay rent on time and meet all their other obligations, as per the terms of their lease. Compliance with health & safety is an issue of ever-increasing importance, and regular inspections ensure our clients’ buildings stay ahead of increasingly complex regulatory compliance.

To ensure your properties are in optimal condition we undertake strategic and preventive maintenance, as well as everyday repairs, engaging competitive and competent contractors as required. In addition, we provide facilities and building management advice, and handle any emergencies and insurance issues.

As with our Residential management services, we go further than most of our competitors in offering comprehensive property-related financial services for our clients as well. That includes book keeping, quarterly VAT returns and assisting our clients’ accountants with tax returns.

Take a look at some of our Commercial case studies. Then, to find out what we can do for you and your property, please get in touch.
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